Google Lumos | How To Turn On/Off The Flashlight Of One’s Android

Google Lumos | How To Turn On/Off The Flashlight Of One’s Android

Ok google lumos: It is possible to activate a flashlight on an Android phone by saying “Lumos” to Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri. To turn off the flashlight, just saying “nox” makes the user feel like a magician. Harry Potter memes & gifs were shared on Twitter by fans of the magical lad. 

A caster could see better in the dark thanks to the Lumos (Wand-Lighting Charm), which lighted the wand’s tip. People first used the Nox (Wand-Extinguishing Charm) for this spell to extinguish the wand’s light. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry first-year Defense against the Charms & Dark Arts classes included this spell.

What Is Ok google lumos!

Lumos was mentioned in a few tweets back in January 2022. Some iPhone owners report that they can activate the phone’s flashlight by saying “Lumos” to Siri. The spell “Nox” will use to switch off the lights. Fortunately, the Ok google lumos enchantment works on both Android and iPhone. This post will show users how to cast this magic on any smartphone and switch on one flashlight. 

If users have an Android phone, users can call Google Search by saying “OK Google or Hey Google.” Users can turn on one’s flashlight with the command “Lumos” and turn it off with the command “Nox,” for example. Ok google lumos has become a hot topic, with tens of thousands of people looking for it online. Read on for more information on the Ok google lumos & other Harry Potter spells.

Smart Phone & Gadgets Spelling Is Not A New Feature

Phone magic has been there since the Harry Potter homecoming, but many people have just now learned about them. People have been casting Harry Potter spells using their voice-activated devices for years, but they were unaware of it. There are records of something like the feature dating back to 2016, but it is just now becoming popular today.

Harry Potter’s Spells Can Be Cast, But How?

So, how do users use Harry Potter spells? There is a significant amount of stuff to consider.

Greetings, Ok google lumos

Anyone can program the intelligent Home Google assistant to react to the Ok google lumos spell as an added flourish if the user’s like. Smart lights will respond to a magic spell in this manner.

Alohomora Is Used To Unlock

users can use the magic word’ to operate Alohomora smart locks & smart home assistants. With Google Smart Home, Alexa & Apple HomeKit using this magic phrase, users become a magician. There’s no need to sneak into the third-floor hallway via the locked door.

Accio – Call A Delivery Of Pizza

A summoning spell for pizza seems like much fun. To order pizza and any other meal from a food delivery service, use this spell, Accio. Postmates, DoorDash Grubhub, UberEats, and Seamless can all order with this magic spell.

Other Hogwarts Google Tips

The days of blending in with the horde are long gone. Numerous magic techniques enable all Potterheads to carry themselves with dignity. Even if users are a muggle, users can still benefit from these strategies.

  • Avada Kedavra
  • Wingardium Leviosa

Do Hogwarts Spells Work On Android!

Once the Harry Potter magic works on Android and iOS, users can use it on both platforms to perform magic spells from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. A free app called Google Assistant is available for Android devices. It is possible to enable the voice function by holding down or tapping the home button after downloading the app. Please find below comprehensive instructions on how to achieve that goal. Users must say “Hey Google” before telling the spell to get it working. Harry Potter’s spells are now available on Android!

 Make One’s iPhone Flashlight Work using Hey Google With Siri.

On mobile gadgets and smart home devices, Google Assistant would be a virtual voice assistant developed by Google. Google Assistant can search the Internet, set alarms or events, modify the settings of the user device’s hardware, and display data from the user’s Google account. Users can also use IoS phones to switch on the enchanted light. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Siri app on your iPhone.
  • Respond to Lumos and use Siri
  • Upon receiving the order, one flashlight will begin working
  • Using the magic spell ‘Nox,’ users can turn it off.

Ok google lumos – To Turn On/Off The Flashlight Of One’s Android with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a voice assistant developed by Google on smart home and mobile devices. Similarly to Google, Google Assistant can search the Internet, set alarms or events, modify the settings of the user device’s hardware, and display information from the user’s Google account. Accessing functions like putting on a flashlight or playing YouTube music can be done with simple voice commands. Once again, users can use this wizard’s power to turn on their flashlight! It is how it will be.

  • Activate Google Assistant by opening the app on one’s phone.
  • Try to talk Ok google lumos by selecting the voice command selection and then saying it aloud.
  • Here, the flashlight will be able to shine its light.
  • As a result, the Nox turn-off spell will be implemented.


Users can use the spell Nox to turn off one’s phone’s flash using Google Assistant on both iOS and Android devices. Users can find helpful hacks and techniques on Google to make electronics work in a new manner. With Lumos and Nox, users will have much fun.

Most Commonly Asked Issues

Ok google lumos, Google’s search engine users have embraced Lumos. The article above shows that folks can use these instructions to perform magic tricks. Please refer to the questions below for any further inquiries users can have.

What does Google do when users say “Lumos”?

Lumos will turn on one’s phone’s flashlight when it hears “Ok google lumos.” When users launch the Google virtual assistant & say the three magical phrases, users will get the results users to want.

What is the Ok Google Lumos activation code?

Google assistant must turn on to enable Ok google lumos & turn on the flashlight, and people must say those phrases. Folks can use the google lumos enchantment on any Android phone to turn on the flashlight by following these instructions.

Is Siri able to comprehend Ok google lumos?

It is safe to say that, yeah. Siri can respond to the Google Lumos query. Just command, Hey Siri, Google Lumos to Siri to make one iPhone’s flashlight function. This function is available on both Android & iOS devices.

When users say Lumos to Siri, how does it turn on one’s flashlight?

With Siri, users can do the same thing with Google Assistant: turn on the flashlight. If users are using an Android smartphone, users will need to launch the Google virtual assistant and say, “Ok google lumos.” If users are using an iPhone, users can do that by opening Siri. Here are the actions users need to take

  • Open Siri on any iPhone.
  • “Hey Siri Google Lumos,” is the command users must now say out loud.
  • Users will be able to activate their phone’s flashlight using this method.


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