File: All iPhone Applications From Your Mobile Operators

File: All iPhone Applications From Your Mobile Operators

To manage your subscription from the iPhone, and above all, check your GB consumption day after day! The end of summer is generally a good time to change your mobile plan offer. Indeed, during this period, many operators usually offer attractive back-to-school discounts on some of their offers. You can also follow promotions on mobile plans with us here throughout the year.

Also, find our comparator , which offers a price comparison and displays current reductions and details on changing plans in France, use in Europe, and other helpful advice. Today is the opportunity to update our file of iPhone applications signed by the leading mobile operators. 

After all, the comfort of using a smartphone also involves the software aspect and the efforts of operators to make you feel good about your device and plan! SFR, Orange, Bouygues, and Sosh are obviously present, with iPhone apps on the App Store. These are the subject of our traditional weekend iPhone applications folder  for an update to version 2023!

SFR & Red

Let’s start with SFR, which offers several applications to allow its subscribers to manage their accounts directly from the iPhone. Depending on the package, some will be useful and others less. In any case, the SFR & Moi app is the most general. It allows you to manage your options, monitor your consumption, and thoroughly access your package.

  1. SFR & Me

Other “accessory” apps are also available to manage your SFR mailbox if your offer allows it, take advantage of your TV or Cloud subscriptions, etc. This is enough to provide proud service to customers who have chosen the red square or even the green of SFR RED:

  1. SFR mail
  2. SFR TV
  3. SFR Cloud
  4. SFR Cybersecurity
  5. Red & Me

Orange & Sosh

Orange is also included with several applications available for free on the App Store. The primary account management application “Orange et moi” offers complete access to your account, options, and assistance. It allows you to adjust your consumption and even access your bills directly on your iPhone.

  1. Orange and me

Like its competitor SFR, Orange offers many other applications, allowing, for example, to save your contacts, which can prove practical in the event of a breakdown. Access to WiFi hotspots is also available via a dedicated application if this is included in your offer. Here are the main ones offered by Orange among the big prizes:

  1. Mail Orange
  2. MySosh
  3. Orange TV
  4. Orange News
  5. Orange Radio
  6. Security Suite

The Internet brand Sosh from Orange also has its customer account management app. This allows you to keep in touch with the Sosh community and see and manage your options and consumption.

  1. MySosh

Bouygues Telecom B&You

Bouygues Telecom may be the least prolific in terms of apps on the App Store, but the apps available also get the job done. Like the others, the operator offers a main customer area management application that allows, among other things, access to your customer area to view your consumption and your invoices from your iPhone:

  1. Bouygues Telecom

Other applications are also available to track your consumption in detail and even watch TV if this is included in your offer.

  2. Bbox Voicemail


Other operators are also on the App Store, each with their own app, allowing you to monitor your consumption and manage your subscription. Here is a selection:

  1. The Mobile Post
  2. NRJ Mobile
  3. Prixtel
  4. Libon

And finally, let us remember that this type of file cannot be exhaustive. You will inevitably have other applications to recommend because you appreciate them and use them daily. Do not hesitate to do so via the comments by indicating their strengths and your preferences!

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