Artificial Intelligence: Here Are Five Advantages

Artificial Intelligence: Here Are Five Advantages

Using it today and using it in the near future, when systems, models, and algorithms will be much more integrated than today in applications, platforms, industrial, and production processes, will it be convenient for us or not? Artificial intelligence, yes or no? Use it today, and use it in the near future when systems, models, and algorithms will be much more integrated into applications, platforms,  industrial and production processes, and so on. Will it be convenient for us or not? 

It isn’t easy to give a similar answer since what many consider to be technology is as decisive for our recent history as the use of AI today and in the medium term. Five advantages and five disadvantages, or, for now, are they tools that can only help us? To understand more, we have put together catastrophists, which are taking shape before our eyes. While the wars of position take place over the fate of our future, users, disoriented, try to come to terms with it. To understand what it is, whether behind AI there is not a new, significant risk for the stability of the social system as some explain.

The Advantages

Efficiency And Speed

An advantage of artificial intelligence systems, both in terms of language models and algorithms that perform the most diverse tasks, is their ability to process information at surprising speeds and with an average high precision, at least for the moment. This means that, for example, jobs requiring the collection and analysis of large amounts of data can be performed much more efficiently than human work. AI can also automate repetitive and tedious tasks, thus freeing workers from monotonous tasks and allowing them to focus on more creative and stimulating lessons.

Improvement Of The Quality Of Work

Artificial intelligence can help improve the quality of work in many sectors, such as medicine and scientific research, agriculture, and industrial production. And, after all, it has already been doing so for years. The boom in so-called LLMs has only made visible what has been done for some time in terms of industry and research. 

For example, AI can help identify diseases or health conditions before they become serious, thus improving the chances of intervening early and recovering. In agriculture, AI can be used to identify crops that require more attention, thus providing a way to improve field yields and increase production by limiting the use of chemicals. In manufacturing, AI can help identify problems on assembly lines and prevent failures or disruptions.


AI can be used to personalize users’ services and experiences, whatever they may be. For example, websites can use AI to suggest products or services based on customers‘ preferences or assist them in a genuinely effective way compared to what has been done to date by banal first-generation chatbots. Everything that digital services suggest to us today can be tailor-made in an even more precise and creative way.

Saving Time And Money

Artificial intelligence systems, which will then materialize (as is already happening from Shopify to Expedia, as we have seen) within apps, platforms, and search engines, can help save time and money. For example, AI can automate lengthy and time-consuming procedures such as invoicing and accounting better than today. AI can also be used to reduce manufacturing costs by identifying ways invisible to standard data or flow analysis to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

New Job Opportunities

If it is true that the use of artificial intelligence will wipe out various types of jobs, it is much more likely that, as in industrial automation, it will work alongside more trained roles. Not only that, it will create new job opportunities; it can be used to develop new applications and services, support workers, improve their productivity, and allow them to focus on more creative tasks, pushing towards the retraining of the workforce and shifting up other areas. Of course, the risks remain high.

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