Discord, How To Create An Account

Discord, How To Create An Account

Instant chat, calls, video calls and live streaming make Discord one of the most attractive VoIP software. How to create a browser account

Created in 2015 by Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy, Discord is a US VoIP (Voice over IP) instant messaging and digital distribution platform dedicated to a specific niche, that of video game enthusiasts. 

Discord is, in fact, light software that allows you to chat and video call without causing slowdowns and blocks that would affect the performance of the gaming session. Furthermore, it can be integrated into various consoles: Xbox, PlayStation, and those who play from PC or Mac.

Although known above all among gamers who have found a way to build solid and active communities to exchange information and content and organize tournaments and game sessions, the features that allow you to manage communications with a large number of people have made it also popular in different areas and among some companies to organize remote lessons, reading or study groups or work meetings.

Servers For Viable And Moderate Conversations

  • One of Discord’s strengths is that it provides virtual servers where users who share the same interests or have the same goals can meet and discuss a specific topic. 
  • Inside the servers, to be able to converse, there can be one or more voice channels or one or more text channels. In the former, voice and video calls are used and in the latter, instant chats. Streaming is also possible. 
  • Then there are free groups that anyone can join without permission. The topics dealt with have no limits except those dictated by privacy, common sense and respect for all users.

Free Software For PC And Mobile

  • Discord is free software that you can download at no cost. For those who want to enhance some aspects of the software, there are the paid versions Discord Nitro Classic, which improves chats, and Discord Nitro, which offers exciting advantages for those who want to fully exploit the power of this means of communication with a subscription.
  • Discord can be used on both desktop and mobile. Furthermore, it can be accessed directly from the browser without downloading and installing the software or application. It is available for PCs running Windows and macOS.
  • As for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, Discord can be downloaded on devices supported by iOS and Android. For the browser version, the platform is accessible from Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Older ones, however, may only support some program functions and allow a complete experience.

How To Create A Discord Account

  • If this is your first time accessing Discord from desktop and mobile, you will be prompted to download the app, but it is not mandatory. Browsers can use Discord without limitations, which makes it versatile for any device that connects to the Internet. 
  • Creating a Discord account from a desktop or mobile is almost identical. The only difference is that from a desktop, it will be sufficient to connect to the official site discord.com while from mobile, you must enter discord login in the search bar.
  • Once you have pressed the button at the top right of the screen, “Login”, and then on the blue item” Register “, you will be asked to enter your credentials, email address, username, password and age and to declare that you have read and accepted Discord’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You can optionally opt-in to receive email updates, tips, and special offers from Discord, and you can opt-out at any time. Then pass the hCaptcha test to prove you’re not a robot. Once you complete the simple task, you will be directed to the Discord homepage. 

How To Confirm Your Discord Account

  • At this point, it’s essential to confirm your account by verifying your email address. To confirm your account, check the email used during the registration phase. If you don’t see a message, click on the “Resend” button in the green banner above. 
  • To confirm that the email address is yours, click on the “Verify Email” button and that’s it. Now Discord will take you to the registration page to validate the first login, where you will have to enter your email address and password to log in. Alternatively, you could use the QR Code by scanning it with the mobile app.

How To Join The Discord Community

Once the Discord account has been created, you will be taken, both from the browser and the app once logged in, to a blank screen. The screenshot represents the community-free Discord application and its user-created servers where you could join, talk, and exchange ideas with other like-minded people.

Don’t worry; the blank screen has everything you need to join a community in just a few steps: at the bottom of the left column, there is the key with the + icon and another a little below with a sort of compass: the key with the “+” will make you create a Discord server or join an existing one via the link; the compass-like key will introduce you to international Discord servers that talk about macro topics such as, for example, cooking.

Once you have chosen your first Discord server to join, in the left column from the desktop, drag on mobile, and select the icon with the image of the Discord server. You have therefore entered the Discord server of your choice, and now you have to select a text chat (symbol of #) or voice (symbol of megaphone) to “say hello!”.

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