How To Unzip And Compress ZIP And RAR Files On Android?

How To Unzip And Compress ZIP And RAR Files On Android?

It is normal that when files start to be downloaded from the Internet and there is no knowledge, that we download files compressed in ZIP, RAR, or others and cannot be opened. There are many applications with which to perform this task and we have tested several, but what makes this application different is that it is developed by RARLAB (the same ones that made the famous WinRAR).

Why Is This Unzipping Application Necessary?

Compressing and decompressing files is something that no matter how much technology we have, we will always need it. And it is that any file that we download or that someone passes us is usually compressed. What do we do if that happens to us? With RAR we save ourselves from having to do all those steps, and so we can continue working or enjoying ourselves from the mobile terminal.

We not only need applications to decompress and thus be able to see the content, but it is also essential to act in reverse. That is, compress files to be able to pass them or upload them where we need them with the minimum possible weight. You may think that this is more common on computers or even tablets. 

But more and more, smartphones work with these types of files. Therefore, it is essential to know how to manage this type of ZIP file from the same device.

Features Of RAR Application 

RAR, which is presented as a free and easy-to-use program for anyone. And, it is not only used to decompress and compress but it can also be used as a file explorer.  Going into the matter we can say that with RAR you can compress files in ZIP and/or RAR.

But best of all, it can decompress many types of files, among which are: RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, X7, 7z, ISO, and ARJ. In addition to these two basic options, this application also allows you to repair damaged RAR or ZIP files. In this way, you will not have to lose the data that you save in them. 

In addition to being able to encrypt or use several CPUs to speed up the understanding of files. Before we start to see how to perform the various functions, let’s talk for a moment about the application interface. And, not all applications are easy to use, although in this case, RAR is quite intuitive. Once downloaded to our Android, the first thing that appears is a kind of list with all the folders we have on our device. 

In this way, we can select one or several files at the same time to compress them, for example. The fact that it is so simple and basic is that it allows both professionals and beginners to use it, without having Android knowledge.

How To Unzip Files?

One of the options that we use the most is to decompress files since nowadays we can download anything from the Internet and this file is most likely compressed. When this happens, all you have to do is access the application and select the file in question and extract it in the destination path that we have chosen. We can have all the files unzipped on our Android. In addition, by doing so you can also choose if you want to overwrite a file that is repeated.

How To Compress Files?

We are going to see how you can compress files to RAR or ZIP from your Android. This is a very useful function especially if we need to upload or pass files to someone since in this way we save a lot of space and time. The first thing to do is select the file (or files) that we want to compress. Then we give the icon of the three books with a “+” and we will enter the compression menu. 

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