What Are The Best Apps To Download Free Music?

What Are The Best Apps To Download Free Music?

Nowadays mobile phones have practically replaced MP3 devices and now what we are looking for are applications to download free MP3 music. In this article, you will find the best apps to download free Music.

GTunes Music

Because of rules within Google Play, some good applications have been left out and can only be obtained through their official pages or in other app repositories. This is the case with several applications to listen to streaming music, there is no doubt that it is something It is necessary to have our favorite music.

Gtunes Music Downloader is one of the few applications that can be trusted because it allows you to find songs in MP3 format and download them for free, which implies a great saving by not having to pay subscriptions or anything for the style. Its interface is another advantage. It will hardly occupy space inside our device, 

Some particular characteristics of GTune Music are the preview of the songs, just before we download them, and more to be sure that it is the one we are looking for. After that point, the application gives us the option to download MP3 for free and save it on our smartphone, all in a few minutes. Within the same application to do the searches we can use the name of the artist’s song, its search engine is nothing complex, you just type and press search.


The availability of content, platforms and even internet speed has improved a lot during the last ten years, one of which took off was YouTube, today it is considered the largest online video platform, there you can find all kinds of videos, including music videos by artists from all over the world, is a multicultural platform, although one of the biggest problems is that you cannot download YouTube videos for free. 

Downloading content from YouTube is one of the most frequent tasks we perform, either from a computer or even from our smartphone. To use this application we no longer require a computer, we can do it from our smartphone, that is where applications such as YTD2 have become necessary, which has a very particular function: it allows you to download music and videos for free on Android.

The application YTD2 has a wide collection of music and videos, all users have access to the content and it is free. All you have to do is use the search engine included within the application, which, unlike many others, has a design adapted to Material Design in bright red colors. We search and download, either the MP3 file or the video of the song we want, in this case, it makes use of the resources available on YouTube, something that other applications have also done.


TinyTunes is an application to download music in MP3 format free from our smartphone, only those that have the Android operating system. We can do extensive searches within its database: by artist, by album, or by song, it is practically certain that you will be able to obtain the songs you want, there is no need to pay subscriptions or listen to advertising to have them. 

But TinyTunes provides the ability to stream music, which is a great option if you don’t want to pay for services like Spotify or Google Play Music. Downloading music is not complicated at all, first, you have to search for the app, then we just have to select those songs to download, at the top of the application interface we click on the download icon which is an arrow down or you can press the triangle icon to play the songs via streaming

Snap Tube

Snaptube, one of the best applications available for Android today, has a great particularity: it helps us download YouTube videos for free.

Users like Android have always had the misfortune of not being able to download videos from social platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, Snaptube is the most suitable tool for this task, firstly because it allows us to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, as you see. It’s about a three-for-one. 

As we mentioned above that it allows us to download videos, which can be in different resolutions, the application has also been developed so that we can download videos and convert them into MP3 files, which makes it one of the most complete applications.

Napster Music

Many moments deserve a good song and even when we come in the car listening to the radio, there is music, it is always present because it is part of our daily life. 

Napster Music is a new platform that has more than 30 million songs available, at the moment it offers a free subscription to try the service for thirty days, later, payment is required to continue using the application and available resources. This app is free for download. Fall in love with your artists, it is a unique opportunity to get out of the tradition that is Spotify, you have to try other options that we find available in the market

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