How To Download Torrents On Android

How To Download Torrents On Android

Nowadays, many Android devices have a large amount of internal memory or the possibility of expanding it at little expense via an SD card. Therefore, downloading even large files with torrents on the Android system has become a practicable reality. In this article, we will outline all aspects of the phenomenon, the positive ones and the critical ones. On the torrent network, you can find everything (films, TV series, books, applications), both free content and, therefore, freely downloadable, and others that violate the license. The topic is quite broad; let’s start by talking about the best clients available on the Google system.

The Best Torrent Clients For Android

A client is the basis for downloading torrents on every platform; starting from the metadata available in the torrent file or the magnet link, the client finds the parts and nodes and then manages the download of the content. There are many torrent clients on the Android Play Store. A quick search is enough to realize this. They are all free, but many have many valuable functions blocked and are only available as an in-app purchase.

To show you the best ones, we relied on our experience. Our favorite client is undoubtedly Flud. Flud is not very well known, but it is really complete; it is light and practical. You can find it for free on the Play Store at this address. Some ads are manageable (they occupy a small bar at the bottom). If you want to remove them, you can purchase the version without ads, which costs only €1.66.

On Flud, all the options are typically found on desktop clients: the possibility to choose the priority for each file, to schedule download times, to set the bandwidth, and to decide whether to use the mobile or WiFi network (or both; when one is missing, we move on to the other). An excellent alternative is μTorrent, which is the Android version of the well-known client. The free version has almost the same strengths as Flud. This client also does not lack options and is supported through advertising. BitTorrent is a clone; the two apps are identical and are made by the same company. To install μTorrent, go to this address and press “Install”.

How Do I Search For Torrents On Android?

None of the torrent clients published on the Play Store can search the major torrent sites. The reason is simple: these portals also have links to material that violates copyright rights and is therefore considered pirated. Their presence would cause the app to be removed from the Play Store. To date, only one app is present on the store that allows you to search for torrents, and it works properly: Torrent Search Engine. 

We are still determining how long it will take Google to remove it. Often, once removed, they are found in alternative stores. The most reliable method if you want to get a torrent for Android is always to use the usual known portals via a browser. For torrents, Il Corsaro Nero (and before the closure, TNTvillage) works well even when viewed from a mobile smartphone. Other well-known portals that also work on mobile are:

  1. 1337x
  2. RARBG
  3. The Pirate Bay
  4. KickAssTorrent
  5. Torrentz2

Unfortunately, they have advertising, sometimes invasive, and pop-ups, and the best way to consult them is to use a browser that blocks advertising. A convincing and chromium-based one is the Kiwi browser. If the sites are not reachable, it means that they are blocked. The best method to unblock them is to change the DNS or get a good VPN service (topics widely covered on our site).

How Do I Start A Download?

Starting a download is very simple; on the named apps, press on the name of the file you want to download, and the client opens, and after confirmation, the download starts. Via browser, it varies based on the portal you choose; on The Pirate Bay, for example, it is best to launch the download by pressing on the magnet-shaped icon. On the black Corsaro, however, you must insist on the green arrow located on the same line of the file, and then at the top left, press on “Magnet” (equivalent to “magnet”).

Is Downloading Torrents On Android Safe?

The answer is no; various research has now highlighted with sufficient clarity that those who download via the BitTorrent protocol expose their IP address and identity. For this reason, a large number of torrent search portals and international sites that deal with the topic strongly recommend using a good-referenced VPN service and NoLogs to hide your identity. They typically recommend CyberGhost VPN, NordVPN, PrivateVPN, or IPVanish.

Torrent is a fantastic P2P sharing method; it’s a shame that it is associated with piracy. We want to remind you that downloading and sharing (on the torrent network, they are the same thing due to their structure), files without a license, and violating rights are serious criminal offenses.

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