What Are The Key To Strategic Positioning?

What Are The Key To Strategic Positioning?

Strategic positioning is one of the keys to successful marketing, whose goal is to be at a certain step in the priorities of each. When someone thinks of buying a certain product, they consider a series of options. Precisely, if one company is better positioned than another, the chances that they will end up buying from you will be much higher.

For this reason, the positioning map is built from the perception that a consumer may have regarding a specific brand and its competitors. This strategic perception is the process in which a brand is taken from a certain status or image to the objective that is set at the beginning of the campaign.

When starting a plan it is important to take into account certain factors to ensure success. On the one hand, differentiation makes it possible to achieve the objectives that are set and, in addition, to use fewer resources. Being positioned with what the majority does makes it difficult for the consumer to take the brand into account. 

Two concepts that serve to correctly understand marketing are the pull and the push. While push refers to pushing, and therefore, looking for the price difference,  pull is pulling looking more for something qualitative and not quantitative. In this sense, making a difference is also based on trying to make it difficult for your competition to imitate you. 

What is imitable in the short term will also lose efficiency, since it will soon switch to the pull strategy, that is, the one with the best price than the competition. At the same time, the target audience within the SWOT has a relevant role. 

The benefits that the product gives to the competition are also important together with the integration of the campaign within the communication of the company. Previously, it was important to correctly calculate the profitability of a said product. It is useless to carry out a process of improvement if later there are losses. The added value must be increased, as well as looking for those competitive advantages that allow raising the ROI.

What Are The Types Of Strategies?

Taking into account all these factors, different options can be applied:

Product Benefits 

The consumer must be given reasons to buy it. Therefore, focusing the differentiation on the benefits it provides will always be a good strategy. Using formulas like comparing yourself to the competition to make a difference are some solutions. For example, a mobile phone with much longer battery life.

Facing The Competition 

In a social world, where comparisons are the order of the day, using competition as an attribute can also end up being effective. Terms like a market leader or number one attract the consumer’s eyes. In other cases, it can also be effective to be called number two, since it is proposed as an alternative to leadership that can be supplied at a cheaper price.

Brand Attributes

Some brands have been in the market for a long time, and have a positioning that, by its name, is enough to be a differentiating attribute. In general, it is advisable to try to play all the tricks to a single attribute, since in the long term it will be more profitable than focusing on several.

Based On The Consumer

The same brand can have different product lines and, each of them, a different target. If you want to focus on the user, influencer campaigns are usually very effective. You have to think that in today’s society there are many audiences called wanna-be who would love to be like a  celebrity. Seeing your idol using a product encourages the desire to buy.

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What the public has to pay for a product will be a very important attribute. The different social classes of the consumer are another factor to take into account. In this case, it is important to position yourself as a product with a profitable quality price, that is, pay little for what it is worth or vice versa. Being a more expensive product than that of the competition is correct as long as the differentiation is the luxury or status granted by having said good or service.

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