Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide : Here Are Some Earpods

Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide : Here Are Some Earpods

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Designed and manufactured in the Cambridge Audio workshops in London, these earphones deliver outstanding audio quality: graphene driver diaphragms provide a superior listening experience with deep bass and crystal clear highs. Extremely light, only 4.6 grams each, they are equipped with silicone and memory foam earpads. They are also among those with the longest autonomy: nine hours plus another 36 in case. Earphones type: in the ear with rubber pads and memory foam.

Huawei Freebuds 3

They are the first open-fit true wireless stereo earphones with Active Noise Canceling. The feature reduces ambient noise for great listening and quality audio calls in any environment. There is a brand new dedicated app, Huawei AI Life. Autonomy is 4 hours which becomes 24 with the case. And it is real autonomy.

  1. Earphone type: open fit 
  2. Recharge: USB Type-C

SBS Twin TWS Symphony

From the original design, they are particularly comfortable even after prolonged periods, thanks to the two silicone pads with a headband included in the package. You can listen to your favorite songs from both earphones in stereo mode, but as soon as you receive a phone call, the earphones will switch to mono mode, with answer/end call and music management buttons, 3-hour autonomy, and 450 mAh case/recharge.

  1. Earphone type: loose fit. 
  2. Recharge: micro USB

Apple AirPods

Today the AirPods have been renewed. They cost 179 euros and are also available with a wireless charging case (229 euros) and a noise cancellation system (AirPods Pro, 279 euros). They allow interaction with the Siri voice assistant, up to 5 hours of autonomy, and, little gem, by purchasing them online, you can have your name or a personal phrase engraved on them to make them truly exclusive (and perhaps avoid having them stolen).

Sony WF-1000XM3

With one of the most effective active noise-canceling systems. Perfect for listening to music, a little less for calls because the reduction of ambient noise needs to be improved. The case offers three charges, the autonomy is 6 hours, but 10 minutes of charging is enough for an hour and a half of music.

  1. Earphone type: in-ear with rubber tips. 
  2. Charging: USB Type-C

Bose 774373 SoundSport Free

Thanks to the earphones with shaped rubber tips equipped with a flap (Bose calls them StayHear+ Sport), they are absolutely among the most stable, even when you go for a run or by bicycle. They have very good sound quality, an autonomy of 5 hours, and another 10 with the case. Unfortunately, they are bulky and cannot be used to watch a film from a tablet or PC due to the delay between the sound and the video.

  1. Earphone type: in-ear with proprietary rubber tips with flap 
  2. Recharge: USB Type-C

Plantronics BackBeatFit d3200

Extremely stable and comfortable to use thanks to the wing tip and the arch that fits behind the ear. Thanks to the IP57 certification, they can withstand the most intense workouts, even in the rain. You can use just one and, via the smartphone app, choose how much to isolate yourself from external noise or configure the touch controls. Autonomy is 8 hours, becoming 24 with the soft case (a rather rare case).

  1. Earphone type: in-ear with proprietary rubber tips, flap, and arc. 
  2. Recharge: Micro USB

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Airdots TWS

Not to be confused with the Mi Airdots, identical in appearance but with touch controls and more expensive by a few tens of euros. The audio quality of these wireless tures is good, with preponderant low and medium frequencies; they are also quite comfortable to wear, but slowly, they seem to slip away. The quality of the calls is rather low, with a metallic and distant voice, but it still allows you to be understood by your interlocutor. Autonomy is 4 hours which becomes 12 with the case.

  1. Earphone type: in-ear with rubber tips. 
  2. Recharge: Micro USB

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