5 Strategies For Promoting A Small Business

5 Strategies For Promoting A Small Business


Promoting your entrepreneurial activity is essential to generate profits from your business activity. In these years of economic crisis, orders from small businesses have decreased significantly. Be careful, though; the competitiveness among small entrepreneurs has not diminished; it has become even more fierce. 

It is, therefore, essential to create an excellent image for your company if you want to remain on the market with good profitability margins. The company’s image is undoubtedly essential, but more is needed to attract customers. The quality of the service and products offered on the market, combined with an excellent corporate marketing strategy, can instead constitute the winning card for beating the competition. In this guide, we see together five strategies for promoting a small business.

Company Image

Promotional activity for your products must pay attention to the importance of your company’s image. It plays a fundamental role in communication, not only online. It is essential to be recognized at a glance by your customers, providing an image with a strong impact consistent with the company philosophy and target. It is necessary that values such as reliability and professionalism immediately shine through in the logos and slogans used to promote the company. 

Today, it is possible to entrust the creation of coordinated image projects to professional designers who know the proper methods to gain consumer confidence. However, it is optional to have large budgets to create your corporate image. Crowdsourcing platforms allow you to hold contests to obtain numerous proposals from qualified graphic designers and choose the graphic and image project you prefer with investments that generally start at 200 euros. We are, therefore, talking about figures that are affordable for the majority of companies.

Use Of Social Networks

A winning strategy for promoting your business is undoubtedly to exploit the enormous potential of social media marketing. The most significant advantages of this type of strategy are the very low costs and the vast audience reachable through the Internet. AND? 

It is possible to choose inbound marketing strategies (those techniques that allow you to be found by potential customers without having to search for them directly through tools such as search engines and SEO practices) or participate in low-cost online promotional campaigns, such as Facebook Ads or Google Adwords services. With very little invested capital, it will be possible to achieve excellent sales results and the implementation of company revenues.

Business Cards And Flyers

The strategy I propose here is undoubtedly “classic” but still maintains its effectiveness today. Printing business cards or flyers containing your company’s information is a way to make yourself known to the public.

Use Of Advertorials

Using advertorials, i.e., promotional messages that combine the company logo with a few effective phrases representing the company mission, is undoubtedly a good strategy for promoting your business. Advertisements can be published either on web pages or even in newspapers, which often put pages on sale for this purpose.

Co-Marketing With Other Businesses

Co-marketing is an exciting strategy; it allows you to split company marketing costs with another partner company. The aim is to promote both entrepreneurial activities and low-cost ones. Co-marketing aims to push the public to turn to both companies to purchase goods and services. For example, “By purchasing goods from company A, you will receive a discount voucher from company B.”

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