Weekly Timekeeper: Track Time Your Way

Weekly Timekeeper: Track Time Your Way

Adding time logs isn’t the most astonishing thing on the planet; that’s what we know. In any case, it is a significant piece of many organizations’ business. It ultimately depends on us to simplify your occupation, and with the presentation of the Week by Week Watch, we trust we’ve accomplished that. 

The Only Thing Between You And Your Weekend

Recording time physically and rehashing a similar activity repeatedly is, without a doubt, one thing that creates the most disappointment among our clients. With the new Week-by-week Time Tracker, we’ve improved the whole cycle, making it conceivable to add different time passages in one go. Simple. You can deal with a few undertakings consistently, requiring ten minutes on Friday evening to finish your timesheets. It’s the main thing remaining among you and the hotly anticipated end of the Week. The new Weekly Timepiece brings with it these benefits:

  1. More Profit: The less time you spend tracking time, the more hours you can bill clients.
  2. More profound knowledge of your business: the easier it is to enter the timepiece, the more accurate the result will be. Which in turn will allow you to gain more insights into your business.
  3. Embedded yet discreet: The Weekly Timepiece is not in full view but is available at your convenience in your timepiece overview.
  4. As You Like It: It doesn’t replace previous time-tracking options in Team Leader Focus. It’s just another way of doing it. And what’s the key to a pain-free timepiece? Give your team options to do this!

Track Time Your Way

And we’re not kidding at the point when we say you can give your group choices! With the new Week-by-week watch, there are currently around 5 ways of following time utilizing Team Leader Concentration. Doubtlessly, there will be one that suits you best. Look underneath to figure out what sort of time tracker you are.

What Kind Of Time Tracker Are You?

The Stopwatch 

You’re a little neurotic regarding tracking time but in a good way. You like to know precisely how much time you spent finishing each task, down to the second. Your time tracking option is the start-stop Time Tracker. It is available in the browser and mobile app to meet your time-tracking needs anywhere.

The Box Ticker

Typically, you start a task and record the time you spend as soon as you’re done. You like to plan, so you create tasks, calls, or meetings well in advance and schedule them into your (or your colleagues’) calendar. Your time tracking option: You use the option to create and schedule tasks, calls, and meetings in Team Leader Focus, in combination with Projects and Calendar.

I Do Everything At The End Of The Day

You prefer to focus on your work during the day and take time to reflect and fill in your timesheets before you switch off. Your time tracking option: Choose the manual approach. Enter your timepiece by hand using the single timepiece option.

Weekend Warrior 

Track time? You do it at the end of the Week while waiting for the weekend. Quickly adding multiple time entries at once for one or more clients or projects is just what you are looking for. Your time tracking option, Weekly Time Tracker, is perfect for you. Ten minutes at the end of the Week, and you’re ready to dive into the weekend.

The Supervisor 

Or “the one with the wand”. You’re not necessarily tracking time, but you’re in charge of ensuring these timesheets are turned into billable hours. You’re often the one who reminds others to fill out the timesheet. You don’t like being the bad guy, but someone has to do the job. Your time tracking option: The timekeeping overview page in Team Leader Focus shows your colleagues’ billable and non-billable hours.

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