The Pillar Page Is The Replacement For Your Landing Pages

The Pillar Page Is The Replacement For Your Landing Pages

Forget what you have planned for your next marketing campaign; things are about to change. What changed? Take the example of HubSpot, which has implemented a content strategy that encourages removing your content and white papers into PDF files and placing them directly on the main pages of your website. Indeed, Google today rewards sites with content organized by theme rather than by simple keywords.

Why Are Keywords No Longer As Effective?

We no longer use Google and voice search in the same way. For example, if you are looking for a restaurant in Paris, you no longer say “Paris restaurant” but “What is the best place to eat in Paris?”. We look for data in view of the manner in which we talk, and subsequently, the search has become conversational. For the exact search, there are thousands of possibilities. For example, there are approximately 1005 possibilities for the subject “follow-up emails after a meeting”. Are you going to publish 1005 articles to attract traffic to your blog?

How Should We Go About It?

To do this well, you need to use these keywords as “pillar” themes. The theme of this pillar is the central part, and the content is written around this main part. With the new Hubspot tool, you will be able to show Google that all this information is linked together and, of course, relevant. The opportunity, therefore, lies in the two to four search keywords, and your marketing strategy will now need to move away from long-tail keywords and towards comprehensive topics.

When you write content on a specific subject, you will compose an article worldwide and make an essential source regarding this matter, which will be known as a “support point page.” Afterwards, the accompanying papers will be sub-topical backings. You will, in this way, make a long, satisfied, similar to a substance download, however, without putting it behind a download.

The Four Benefits Of The New Content Strategy Tool

Discover New Content Ideas

The Hubspot tool will permit you to save the focal subject of the support point; the proposed articles and subthemes will then show up with the goal that you can utilize them. You can likewise make your pieces.

Bring Content To Life

You can share the mission of carrying your substance with life to your showcasing group or an outside office, as you, for the most part, would with content (white paper, infographic, and so on.). On the other hand, you can utilize a layout and make support point pages while having backing to assist you with taking care of this page.

Create Content And Optimize That Content For Search Engines

Before that, SEO was all about stuffing in as many keywords as possible while trying to rank. Today, you need human traffic, not electronic traffic, in order to be engaged with the page and its content.

Track Content ROI With Your Team

The new Hubspot tool will indicate the number of contacts gained by subject groups as well as the number of customers generated by each group.

How Can I Capture Leads If My Visitors No Longer Have To Fill Out The Landing Page Form?

According to Hubspot, people are more likely to provide their information if the content seems interesting to them. With this method, you can integrate CTAs on the pillar page, which will allow you to download the content and thus keep a PDF copy on your computer. As a result, many people will still fill out the landing page form. This pillar page is optimized for all navigation media and helps improve the SERP (“search engine result page”). This way, you can appear on the first page of Google searches if you demonstrate relevance to the subject.

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