Add Me To Search : How To Create A Google People Profile

Add Me To Search : How To Create A Google People Profile

Add Me to Search is the quickest and simplest method to get a presence on Google. This function allows users to advertise the company or own personal profile in google search engine results. Everything users need to know about constructing a fictitious Google Search Card is covered in this post. A global search profile card can be made public by using add me to search Google feature. 

Name, profile picture, description, and links to the social media profiles and company websites are all examples of information users can provide in this section. For influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other business professionals, Google says allowing the creation of a public card is a step toward that goal.

Recognizing the People Profile In Google – Add Me To Search

Users can use a people card the same way as a virtual visiting card, which provides connections to the most current social media accounts and websites. First, the name, location, and occupation will be shown, and people will show the whole card to the users after tapping on the module. A personal card can be utilized by anybody, whether users are an influencer, a freelancer, company professionals, or job seekers.

Add Me To Search: Steps For Making A Google Profile

An Internet-enabled mobile device is required to generate the Google person card. A personal Google profile with Web and App Activity enabled is also required. Step-by-step instructions for creating a Google person card are provided here.

The First Step

In the browser’s URL box, type “add me to search.” To get a people card, users need to go to the official application page provided by Google. To begin designing the card, click the “Start” button.

The Next Step

Name, about, location, and job are all crucial areas folks must fill. Work, education, hometown, a website, a social media presence, e-mail, and a phone number are optional. Users must first adjust the Google account’s email address and phone number if users wish to alter the profile card’s phone number and email address. Link Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud accounts.

The Last Step

users must examine the person’s card before it is published online once users have completed all of the required fields. Google indexes the card as soon as users save it once users have checked the content and design. The Google person card will appear for Indian, South African, Nigerian, and Kenyan searches.

Insights From Google For Creating People Profile

  • Folks could remove the person’s card if users provide material that does not accurately represent the persona or the work.
  • Adding recommendations for areas like “hometown” and “profession” can help users create their profiles. These options that do not work for users can be replaced with their wording.
  • Google can not display the person’s card if their account does not authenticate or upgrade. So, update the information regularly.

Google’s People Profile Editing

To make changes to the data on the Google people card, read further. Launch a mobile browser. Before users launch the browser, ensure they have logged into their Google account. Enter “edit AMSC,” and users will see the person’s card. 

Folks can change people’s card information by just tapping on it. To make changes, click on the parts users want to alter. After users finish editing, Google will show a preview of the changes to users. If users save the edits, Google will have access to them.

Removal of Google People Card’s e-mail addresses & phone numbers

Because of security concerns, some users do not disclose their phone numbers or e-mail addresses publicly. Users can delete the email or phone number from the person’s card at any time if they want.

  • Adhere to the guidelines outlined in the preceding paragraph.
  • Do not fill in the phone number or e-mail box with any information.
  • The card should be viewed and saved to ensure that both fields stay concealed.
  • Once the card is activated again, search their name on Google search and make sure that the e-mail address & phone number is not visible.

To Get Rid Of The People Profile From The Search Results

Users can prevent the Google person card from appearing in search results by following these simple steps.

  • Go to the “add me to search” link in the Google application or web browser.
  • Select “edit” from the screen’s drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.
  • Keep scrolling until users see “Edit” at the bottom of the page.
  • Select “Remove my search result from Google” as the action to be taken.
  • To delete the Google person card from search results, click the “DELETE” button.

The Importance of Using Google’s Add Me to Search

As previously indicated, a Google profile can serve as an excellent online business card, increasing the presence in search engine results. Let us look at the main advantages of utilizing the “Add Me to Search” option.

  • When someone searches for the name on Google, a public info panel about users will appear.
  • Allows users to distinguish themself from high-profile individuals who can have the name.
  • Folks can improve personal branding by enhancing their search engine exposure with the help of SEO
  • The phone number and e-mail address are provided to searchers to interact with the brand and users quickly and effortlessly.
  • It helps the business, group, or project rank higher in search results.
  • It is possible to draw attention to the online presence, including the social media accounts and website, by putting them in the search results.
  • Leads from search engine results


If users provide Google with more information about themself, they are more likely to display users in their search results. Try amending it again if it does not appear after a few hours! The Google people profile is a great way to display your brand to the Google community, and it is simple and cost-free.

FAQ’s On Add Me To Search

What is the purpose of Google’s People Card feature?

Creating a person’s card is the best way to get the name out there in Google search results. There is a form that users must fill out before submitting for approval, and a search for and display of the People Card will be made possible.

What’s going on if my Google People Profile does not appear?

Folks should turn on web and mobile app activities. A personal Google profile and English as the default language are required.

How can Individuals utilize Google’s “Add Me To Search” feature?

To be listed in Google search, users must follow these steps:

  • In the search bar, type “Add Me to Google’s Searches” and click the “Get Started” button
  • Describe themself in detail on the profile.
  • Folks can make listings by creating an account
  • To become listed in Google, type in the search term: “Add Me to Search in Google.”

What can users do to improve their Google Profiles?

When someone searches for their name on Google, Google will show their Google People card in the search results. Maintaining up-to-date contact information ensures that folks can reach users at any time. Include the phone number, e-mail address, or website URL as an example.

Is it possible for anyone outside of India to use these Google people profiles?

People Card was initially developed for small company professionals, freelancers, influencers, job trackers, and anybody attempting to establish a tiny online presence. After a few weeks, it will be accessible solely to Indian users, and users are found when someone types in the name, title, and current location into a search engine like Google.

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