Mini PC: The Features And The Best Models Of The Moment

Mini PC: The Features And The Best Models Of The Moment

A mini pc is a desktop computer that’s very small compared to a laptop, but it’s ideal for those who are short on space but want all the features. Suppose you are looking for an inexpensive computer to perform multimedia-type activities, such as streaming TV series, surfing the Internet, or playing your favorite titles. 

In that case, you will undoubtedly have heard of mini PCs, tiny and inexpensive devices but very powerful. Below we will go for a general overview of their characteristics and their main advantages, also giving you some advice for buying the most efficient ones. Finally, we will show you our selection of the best mini PC models currently on the market.

What Are Mini PCs?

The mini-computer is, in fact, a desktop computer but smaller than the traditional laptop. Not only are the proportions reduced, but so are the energy consumption (no more than 8 watts of power compared to classic PCs that consume up to 100 W), and above all, the prices, starting from less than 100 euros.

As we mentioned in the introduction, these devices are designed to perform basic tasks. Windows 10 is installed inside them to make startup fast and be able to use any application or software. Without a graphics card, it will not be possible to think of playing on mini PCs with the same quality as desktop computers. However, by choosing the best performing and good value for money, it will be possible to take home a media center that can let you play on the TV smoothly.

How To Choose The Best Performing Mini Laptops

There are so many models on the market that the choice can be pretty complicated for those who need help understanding technology. The various types of mini PCs differ, in fact, according to the technical characteristics, including those relating to the processor, internal storage, and other details such as the number of ports. As a result, prices can be quite different from one model to another. Buying a portable mini pc that can meet your expectations must consider these characteristics.

  1. Processor: Most mini PC processors come with Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 versions. The ones in the growing versions perform better.
  2. Memory: Choosing a mini PC based on the memory size depends on your needs. Note that it is possible to increase the memory with external drives.
  3. Connectivity and Ports: Each mini pc has one or more output inputs to connect to television and monitors. The more modern ones are equipped with new generation USB (3.0) and can connect via Bluetooth to the primary devices.

The Best Mini PCs With Windows 10 Operating System

Below we have selected the best mini PCs of this year, which integrate the top features that a device of this kind should possess. Let’s find out what they are below.

Mini Pc Asus PN40-BC100MC

Weighing just 700 grams, this mini PC from Asus is compact so that it can be easily carried from one corner of the house or office to another. USB 3.1 allows for fast data transmission among the connectivity options. There is also a VGA / COM port, which allows the connection of legacy devices. As for consumption, they are lower than the average despite the latest news regarding photo and video reproduction: there are high resolutions, including 4K and UltraHD.

HP Mini PC 260 G2

Among the most popular HP mini PCs, there is certainly the 260 G2, a Set-Top-Box with an elegant and updated design compared to previous versions. Here are the main features:

  1. Windows 10 Pro 64;
  2. Intel® Core™ i3-7130U 2.7GHz;
  3. 4GB of SDRAM;
  4. 256GB SSD;
  5. Intel® HD Graphics 620;
  6. USB keyboard and mouse included;
  7. One-year ON-SITE warranty.

Intel Nuc Kit nuc8i3beh

Among the best-selling mini PCs on Amazon is the Intel Nuc, equipped with a 3GHz 8th generation Inteli3 processor. In particular, the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 GPU and the 8 Ram of memory make this device ideal for multimedia use and the office. There is the M.2 slot, which is located under the device to increase the internal memory. Just unscrew the four screws to find the location of the slot. It is also a winner in terms of compatibility: it is possible to install Linux in its recent versions.

Beelink M2 Mini PC

Equipped with Windows 10 Home, this mini PC is perfect for home use and allows you to use the Office suite without problems. The CPU comprises the Intel Celeron N3350 processor, which works together with the Intel HD Graphics 500 graphics card to allow for an excellent user experience. Among the possibilities, there is that of connecting a 4K display or two FULL HD screens. The device storage is sufficient for any multimedia or office use: the RAM is, in fact, 4GB. The data memory is, however, 64 GB: it is possible to combine it with a hard disk, given the possible integration of 2.5″ filing systems.

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