Which Wireless Charger To Buy For Mobile?

Which Wireless Charger To Buy For Mobile?

One of the increasingly popular accessories are wireless chargers. The technology of charging without cables has been spreading little by little, and there are already many mobile phones and other accessories that offer it. Its comfort is what attracts the most attention, forgetting to place the cable incorrectly. Leaving the mobile on a surface is very comfortable, although it is not easy to find the best cheap wireless charger on the market and that is why we want to help you when buying one.

When getting one of these wireless chargers, we must take many things into account, which are not only focused on its characteristics, but also on the design of the product.

So you can get the best wireless charger, we’re going to put some of the best sellers face to face for an affordable price for most pockets.

Comparison Of Wireless Chargers

Taking a look at the main online and physical stores, we find a wide variety of brands and models.

Previously, only the official manufacturers offered a wireless charger compatible with our mobile but, little by little, this has spread and has allowed the price to fall.

Among the things that we must take into account when acquiring one of these products is the Qi standard of wireless charging that ensures compatibility, even if the product is not of the same brand.

But in addition, the charging power is also important, knowing both the one offered by the wireless charger and the one that supports our mobile.

In addition, we must look at the number of devices supported if we want to charge smart watches with this technology or, for example, headphones.

And of course, the charging port, making us not have to take one more cable on a trip. All this is shown in the following comparative table of wireless chargers.

The Best Of Choetech Charger

This first charger in which we stop, offers us a curiosity for the comfort of all, and that is that it includes the two supports.

As we can see in the image it allows us to carry the base lying down but also standing, being able to place one in each place of our house.

The power is the minimum recommended with 10W, and will allow us to charge practically all mobiles with wireless charging, thanks to the standard it includes.

It is a very good option given that with a price that does not exceed 25 euros, it gives us practical solutions.

It also uses a Type C cable, which is present in all mobile phones with this technology.

Xiaomi’s Option

For those looking for power and being prepared for the charger to work longer, Xiaomi’s option with 20W is what we need.

That will make the mobile charge faster and in a few months it will not be outdated.

The pack also includes the power outlet, so it will not be necessary to use the mobile one. In this case also with Type C.

The but, is in the price, because it almost reaches 40 euros, which will make us consider the disbursement.

However, for the comfort it offers, we can get a lot out of it in its only lying position.

The Wireless Charger For Multiple Devices

If we have a smart watch with this technology or headphones, we have to take into account that we will need several bases to charge all the products without cables, or we can opt for the solution of the VEST brand.

It is one of the most complete with support for three devices with a power of 10W.

In this case, given the solutions it offers us, the price is also around 40 euros.

We recommend you to be attentive to the components and different stores, since sometimes they make promotions in the brand.

Belkin Wireless Charger

In last place we find the Belkin charger, a basic 10W that as a negative point has a MicroUSB input.

Its price is one of the cheapest, but seeing all the previous options, perhaps it is better to save some time and then be able to do it with a better wireless charger.

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