What Are The Best Wireless Speakers Of 2021?

What Are The Best Wireless Speakers Of 2021?

The modern wireless speakers have everything you need: systems that do not require cables, connected by batteries. The wireless speaker models allow you to listen to audio or music from your mobile, tablet, or almost any device without having to connect anything or lose quality.

JBL Flip 5 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Flip 5 model is a powerful, small, and easy-to-handle wireless speaker This is from the well-known brand JBL. This speaker is 18.1 x 6.9 x 7.4 centimeters in size with a weight of 540 grams, which can be considered heavy, but it makes up for it in capacity and functionality. 

It is offering a high power of 20W and a 4,800 mAh battery capacity, which provides autonomy to reach 12 hours of continuous playback, so you do not run out of power in the middle of your favorite song. You could find it in colors like black, white, gray, red, and more.

This model connects via Bluetooth and incorporates the PartyBoost function, with which it will be possible to connect various external devices to the speaker, to have more alternatives from which to play audio content. It has a housing certified with IPX7 security, allowing it to be used without risk of damage by dust or water, as it offers resistance to these.

August MS515 5W

MS515 model is made up of two wireless speakers that offer 5 watts of power in two channels, with both Bluetooth connectivity technology and the usually wired technology. In both cases, due to their tight size and power level, we are talking about excellent wireless PC speakers, which you can easily use on your desk, 

You can also use it in your portable presentations, on your television, or wherever you want. In any case, the product will not take up too much space where you place it. Its great connectivity allows you to use the speaker-to-speaker connection, 3.5mm audio input, and Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It offers a great autonomy of up to 15 hours so that you can take it anywhere while you enjoy your favorite songs and artists.

Anker SoundCore 2 

Anker SoundCore 2  has dimensions of 16.5 x 5.4 x 4.5 centimeters and its weight is 357 grams, so you can easily take it with you. It has physical buttons on the top, as well as a housing with IPX7 resistance, to be able to use the product in different types of environments without risk.

In case you want to obtain a sound of stereo quality, it offers a signal range of up to 20 meters and the possibility of linking another Anker speaker. The autonomy of its battery is enough so that you can use it for up to 24 hours continuously. It is accompanied by 2 speakers of 6W each, with which it reaches a power of 12W output, in addition to having Anker Bass Up technology for the reproduction of deep and clear bass.

Trust Tytan 2.1 Speaker Set

Tytan 2.1 has excellent audio quality thanks to its 2.1 system, which offers two audio output routes reinforced by a subwoofer that intensifies the sensations and the operation of the bass while offering a higher quality surround sound. With this, this model has a global power of 120 watts RMS distributed in the three channels already mentioned.

It has buttons on the back to make volume adjustments, bass sounds, and the sleep function when not in use. this speaker offers you the possibility of Bluetooth connection, connection for Smartphone / MP3 and headphones so as not to interfere or disturb others around you.

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