5 Alternatives To WhatsApp

5 Alternatives To WhatsApp

Alternatives To WhatsApp : WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application, but there are other very interesting and different options, such as Telegram or Viber. The alternatives to WhatsApp is listed below.

WhatsApp, The Queen Of Instant Messaging

Since its launch in 2009, WhatsApp has established itself as the queen of instant messaging applications. Such is its popularity, that Facebook decided to buy it for almost 20,000 million dollars almost three years ago. After this strategy, many users feared that the intentions of the popular social network were to introduce advertising in the app or use user data for commercial purposes. Although this has not happened so far, Facebook has taken several steps in the integration of user accounts of both platforms. But, for now, European data protection legislation is making it difficult for the social network to achieve its goals.

Having WhatsApp installed on your mobile is not an impediment to having other instant messaging applications. Despite the fact that the WhatsApp service is stable, no app is completely safe from a server crash that temporarily stops its service. In addition to this, some people might choose to prefer to have different instant messaging apps to talk to depending on which contacts. Here are some of the most popular alternatives to WhatsApp.


It is the most similar to WhatsApp. Despite having a very similar visual appearance, you can see important differences in its characteristics. In addition, this app usually takes the lead over WhatsApp by implementing improvements.

One of the most popular aspects of Telegram is its cross-platform capability, encouraging the use of the versions for web browser, desktop application, Android, etc. In addition, it allows you to share any type of file and of any size, which can be interesting for your users. It also allows you to create groups with several thousand participants and send secret messages.

Another feature is that it makes it possible to use an alias instead of the phone number. In this way, the user does not have to share details about their information in groups with other people.

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This instant messaging and calling app has nearly 10 million downloads on Google Play. As with Telegram, Viber has some additional options that WhatsApp has yet to implement. One of them is the ability to send secret messages and files. These types of messages are automatically deleted when a certain amount of time passes that the user chooses or even self-destruct as soon as they are seen or opened.

Viber also stands out for its high quality in the section of calls from the same app: they are of high quality and low data consumption.


LINE has some unique features such as instant translation service, official accounts and a wide variety of emoticons and stickers.

Halfway between instant messaging applications and social networks, it is not the simplest and most intuitive app. However, the presence of companies and live promotions through the application can be an interesting option for some users.

Facebook Messenger

It is Facebook’s instant messaging app. The main advantage of this application is its integration with the social network, which could also be its biggest disadvantage. Thanks to that, the user will have from the first moment all his contacts available. At the same time, that is its only drawback: it is essential to have a Facebook account to be able to use it.

In addition to simplicity, another feature that makes Facebook Messenger interesting is that all the conversations that are held through it will be recorded and I know you can access them both from the app and from the web version of the social network.


It has always been an application focused on communication through call and video call. However, Skype is an excellent choice as an instant messaging app. Not only does it allow the user to easily add to their contacts and have conversations with them, but it is also a good option to maintain multiple conversations through audio and video. The multiplatform capability is another of its strengths.

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