How To Write Faster On The Computer?

How To Write Faster On The Computer?

Write Faster On The Computer : Learning typing can be very useful for work and can be done easily from home with programs, online applications and games

Typing has experienced a boom in recent times with the popularization of computers, tablets, mobiles and other devices equipped with a keyboard. Their role has become so important that the Finnish education system decided last year to replace cursive calligraphy classes with typing lessons, limiting the teaching of handwriting to print. 

Knowing how to type fluently on a keyboard allows you to finish the tasks that are performed today more quickly: from a simple Google search to writing a book on your laptop. And the best thing is that you can learn with all comfort from home and from any level. In this article we have selected some of the best utilities, web applications and games to know typing.

Utilities To Learn To Write Faster

The most traditional solution to learn typing for oneself, without having to resort to an academy, is using a computer program. There is a wide variety of them, in general with support for several languages and for different keyboard layouts. In addition, being courses divided into lessons, it is easy to adapt them to the level that the user has at that moment. Some are:

  • MecaNet

A classic in typing teaching programs with the help of computer equipment, MecaNet contains three free courses of 20 lessons each, with a level of difficulty that is growing progressively. The software is focused on first helping to acquire keyboard skills, and then start typing words and later texts. It also includes games to practice the skill with the keyboard in a more fun way.

MecaNet has several options: create several user profiles, customize the size and type of text or use the program in lesson mode or exam mode. Finally, it also offers tips and recommendations for proper postural hygiene before the computer.

  • Rapid Typing

Another good example of a classic typing program, but still in force, is Rapid Typing. This free utility is similar to the previous one, as it also has several lessons grouped by level of difficulty. In addition, it has support for several languages and different keyboard configurations.

In Rapid Typing you learn with groups of letters, then words, later phrases and, at the end, texts. The best thing is that the lessons can be customized with your own texts, which helps to make them more interesting.

  • Klavaro

A final option for learning typing on the computer is Klavaro, a free open-source program with which you can improve typing in multiple languages and keyboard layouts. In addition, as an interesting point, if the program does not incorporate the keyboard that the user handles, you can create a new one with simplicity.

Klavaro includes progressive difficulty lessons, exercises to practice speed and fluency, statistics and graphs that collect the student’s progress, and more.

Learn Online Typing

Desktop programs are not the only alternative to learning typing. Nowadays there are many online utilities that work directly on the desktop, either to read newspapers and magazines or, for example, to edit an online video. Therefore, it is also easy to find online applications with which to learn typing, such as these:

  • Keybr

One of the most interesting ways to type faster is Keybr, thanks to its simple design, its ease of use and being able to start using it as soon as you enter. The app allows you to learn typing with customizable texts and provides support for different keyboard configurations.

Although it can be used without registration, creating a user account has certain advantages, such as saving progress statistics with data such as speed, error rate and a daily evolution graph.

  • The Typing Cat

Another service similar to the previous one is The Typing Cat, a website that offers courses of various types and for different levels (some only available in the paid version). The website also has a level test to know which of the courses is the most appropriate and incorporates some games.

Like the previous one, creating a user account has some advantages, especially being able to track the learning process and compare the results with those of other people.

  • TypingClub

Another online typing application that gives importance to its design and presentation is TypingClub. It offers a series of lessons organized by level of difficulty, with a clear and minimalist style, without ads.

The lessons collect various types of statistics, such as speed (in words per minute), accuracy (percentage of errors), and time spent. The interesting point of TypingClub is that it has a special version for children.

Typing Games

Finally, there are numerous games to teach you how to write faster on your computer. The following online games are very simple. They run in the browser and their goal is to get the user to acquire keyboard dexterity, sometimes even competing against other people.

  • TypeRacer

One of the things that most encourages progress is competition, and that’s just what TypeRacer is based on: a race of cars that advance positions as the player who “drives” it types the phrase presented to him in the right way.

The game matches users from all over the world randomly, in real time, so that they compete with each other to see which one is faster (and more accurate) with the keyboard. It also offers a training mode, in case it is necessary to warm up a little before entering competition.

  • Typing Games

If car racing falls short, in Typing Games it is possible to find more games based on the teaching of typing. These games are part of another online application ( and they encourage the user to complete all kinds of challenges for which it is necessary to be very skilled with the keyboard.

Ninjas, zombies, dinosaurs, marksmanship the theme of the games is very diverse and their design is very careful. They are free and you can play them without having to create a user account, although the vast majority shows advertising.

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