5 Futuristic Technologies Armies Will Soon Use

5 Futuristic Technologies Armies Will Soon Use

Futuristic Technologies Armies Will Soon Use : It’s sad to say, but weaponry has always been a driver of innovation and it’s not about to stop. Let’s see 5 futuristic technologies that armies will soon use for real. The art of combat will experience another turning point in the years and even centuries to come. Futuristic technologies will take the world of armies by storm. In all parts of the world, private companies and armies are developing a number of new technologies in order to actually transform the military into super soldiers.

The Iron Man-Inspired Jet Suits

This is the expected result in the years to come with the reaction suits. They are able to allow the soldiers who wear them to jump from boat to boat. They will be able to move at a speed of 37 km/h. The developed flying hoverboards are in principle just a taste of such innovations. The Russian army is currently developing similar suits with a motorized bulletproof vest. The army of the United States, France and Great Britain would have projects in this direction.

Binocular Night Vision Goggles

This innovation is no longer at the project stage. The US military is in the final stages of testing these binocular night vision goggles . They allow you to shoot with clear precision using the turns and the hip. They also make it possible to improve thermal imaging, situational awareness and above all depth perception. These new scopes according to statements by Lt. Gen. James Richardson to Congress are capable of showing the aiming point of a weapon.

The deputy commander of Army Futures Command also said that these glasses can be linked to observe virtual or video feeds from given positions. Said glasses also use facial recognition and technology capable of translating written words such as road signs. It is possible to share visual data between drones and soldiers through glasses. Troops can therefore use it to shoot with precision by hiding in corners without having to expose themselves to enemies. It is envisaged, according to the newspaper  Armees.com, that a team of soldiers of the armored brigade uses these glasses in South Korea. The Army will carry out tests on the goggles.

An Improvement Of The Military Drone

One of the highly anticipated futuristic technologies is the pocket drone. The FLIR Black Hornet III, as it is, will be used to carry out reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence missions during combat. Soldiers from the Third Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division have been using drones made in pairs ever since. One of them is dedicated to day vision while the second provides night vision. They are barely 15cm long. Soldiers can place them on the utility belt.

The army plans to equip each of its soldiers in the future with such drones. They will have in their possession a laser cannon for launching drones. The project is being developed by the Army. The laser cannon will have a power of 50 kilowatts. It is a Multi-Mission High Energy Laser. In the near future, it will be incorporated into all Stryker-type combat vehicles. The soldiers will use it to launch explosives or drones in the sky. The project will be effective in the next few years.

High Performance Exoskeletons

Russian infantry will soon be equipped with the Ratnik-3 exoskeleton armor. It will no longer be necessary for soldiers to necessarily fire the machine gun with both hands. The exoskeleton armor in question has built-in electric motors as can be seen in the video.

This improved version of the Ratnik-2 would be much more useful. It should be noted that the USA has an almost identical combination currently under development. It should be noted that Turkey does not want to remain on the sidelines of futuristic military innovations. The Turkish authorities have announced the upcoming release of autonomous heavy combat vehicles.

Multi-tasking Parachutes

They come straight from Russia (again)! Russian media have confirmed that the army is about to equip the fighters with D-14 Shelest parachutes.

They will allow them to have easier access to their weapons and even to start shooting as soon as they disembark from the plane. Tests on this new technology will be carried out by the Russian Research Institute for the Manufacture of Weapons and Parachutes.

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