7 Connected Objects To Boost Your Point Of Sale

7 Connected Objects To Boost Your Point Of Sale

7 Connected Objects To Boost Your Point Of Sale : At a time when almost all citizens are connected, businesses have more than an interest in digitizing their point of sale to stay up to date. It’s no secret that in order for customers to stay and spend time in a store, they need to awaken their senses. So we play on visuals, smells and sounds. 

But also on the customer’s curiosity by installing modern objects to energize the place. For the point of sale to stand out, there are a multitude of connected objects and tools to adopt as quickly as possible. You can boost your point of sale in following ways mentioned below.

A Connected Cash Register

The connected cash register has the same functionalities as a classic cash register, with a few more details. There is indeed a cash drawer, a keyboard, a receipt printer, a scanner or a touch screen. But this latest generation cash register above all makes it possible to manage all these elements from an application or other software.

Through this application, it is possible to manage all the other connected tools of the store : touch tablets, digital showcases, etc. The use of a connected cash register also allows for enhanced security since all information stored there is stored on fully secure servers ( find out more about the cash registers ).

Inventory management also becomes computerized with this type of cash register. As is the identification of flagship products or the best sales periods thanks to the cash register software . Convenient for organizing the next private sale in store. It is one of the way to boost your point of sale.

Connected cash register

This is sometimes where the first exchange between the merchant and the customer takes place. Attracted to the sight of any screen in everyday life, the customer will necessarily also be attracted to the sight of the one that sits in the shop.

With this screen, which we can imagine in the form of a touchpad , we allow ourselves absolutely everything. The point of sale is huge and it is difficult to find your way around? We share on the screen a plan of the business. Are the items sold could not be more numerous? So it’s a catalog of the store that we share on the tablet with, why not, the technical sheets of the products and the possibility of ordering directly .

But it is possible to go even further. What about a tablet with an integrated camera at the level of the fitting rooms? Thus, the customer can take a picture of himself and share his outfit by email or on social networks, making at the same time a real communication for the shop.

An electronic terminal

Classic, but practical. Because when the queue at the “info” desk or at the salesperson is huge, the customer very often tends to give up, or even to leave the shop. To avoid the worst, the wisest thing is still to install an electronic terminal where he can withdraw a ticket with a specific time , for example, at which to come to the counter. In this way, the customer can continue to take a tour of the store, fill his basket or do fittings while waiting for his turn without stress.

Connected light bulbs

Bulbs are necessary in all shops. But what about smart bulbs? To energize the point of sale, these are ideal. Combined with another technology, they can become an enclosure , a video surveillance camera or even a smoke detector .

A holographic box

The holographic box makes it possible to show customers a three-dimensional product , floating in the air. It can be placed at the heart of the point of sale, or in the window to attract even more people.

With a holographic box, it is possible for the seller to control the presentation of the product by an application . But if tablets are present in the shop, then the customer can also be the conductor of the representation he has before his eyes. Thanks to the hologram , the image of the product is realistic and attractive. There is no doubt that the customer will appreciate this playful promotion of the article.

RFID tags

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags are smart tags . Thanks to a scanner, they allow various information to be communicated instantly  : stock, missing references, price, etc. There is no longer any question for the customer of waiting for the salesperson to check the details in the back room. Nor for the latter to spend a lot of time on Friday evening carrying out inventories.

A “like” counter

The “like” counter can be connected to any of the social networks . Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it doesn’t matter as long as the point of sale has an account on at least one of them. The principle is simple, as soon as a new user subscribes or “likes” the shop page, the counter is updated in front of the eyes of the sellers and customers present in the shop.

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