Apple Aims At The Metaverse With Its New Headset For A 3D World

Apple Aims At The Metaverse With Its New Headset For A 3D World

The rumors speak of a virtual 3D world full of services for the gadget expected in the spring of 2023. Apple is looking for new engineers and developers

If Meta recently presented Meta Quest Pro, the first viewer designed explicitly for the Metaverse; Apple is not standing by. Here is the excellent 2023 novelty of the Cupertino giant: a mixed-reality headset that will cost between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars. A high-end product will include the following:

  • A Mac-grade M2 ​​chip.
  • More than ten cameras are located inside and outside the device.
  • The highest display resolution for a headset.

Creating an Apple metaverse, a virtual 3D world full of services is the natural consequence of the mixed reality headset. The latest rumors speak of a metaverse-like that will ideally welcome all users who will focus on the company’s imminent wearable, which is reportedly continuing to invest in the segment with new hires to work on multiple other virtual, augmented or mixed reality devices planned from here in the next few years.

The New Headset For Mixed Reality

Nothing is official yet, but the rumors are becoming insistent. Something substantial is brewing around Cupertino. The talks have already positioned the debut of the first expensive and advanced headset version for mixed reality next spring, with a hypothetical launch in the middle of the year. As per Apple tradition, the hardware must go hand in hand with a solid and ad hoc optimized software part. So the rumors about an entire ecosystem of services for mixed reality are not surprising.

It won’t be a remote device but the first in a series of wearables, including cheaper glasses and viewers. The device will run on a new operating system dubbed reality OS, consisting of mixed reality versions of core Apple apps like Messages, FaceTime and Maps. The first version of the operating system, codenamed Oak, is wrapping up internally and should be ready for new hardware next year.

Apple’s Metaverse-Like

As anticipated by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple would be setting up a virtual world where you can move around when wearing the viewers to access services ranging from productivity to leisure. 

As evidence of the anticipation, job searches by developers and engineers specialized in mixed, virtual and augmented reality are reported to prepare a space to explore, which, however, it is likely to imagine will not be called metaverse nor will it be similar to the one shown by Meta. 

Some job postings indicate that Apple aims to beef up the headset with digital content. On the other hand, Apple’s number one, Tim Cook, said that virtual reality technology is “Something you can immerse yourself in. And that can be exploited fully, but I don’t think you want to live your whole life like that: it’s more Something for set periods.” In addition to the device, there is a lot of curiosity about how Apple will decline this new frontier.

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