Data Glasses & VR: Possible Uses In The Industry

Data Glasses & VR: Possible Uses In The Industry

Data glasses and VR systems are undoubtedly among the most exciting developments in the modern world. The new technology opens up unprecedented possibilities. In the recent past, industrial companies have discovered the technology for themselves. But what are the possible uses for industry data glasses and VR systems?

What Exactly Do You Mean By Data Glasses?

The term “data glasses” is currently still a very undifferentiated term that is interpreted differently by different people. From a purely technical point of view, data glasses are so-called smart glasses that combine augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. There are currently a wide variety of designs of data glasses on the market. 

The most widespread systems in this context are wearable computers, the shape of which is reminiscent of ordinary glasses. Devices of this type have a display directly in front of the eye. The presentation of information is accomplished with the help of a wide variety of technologies. For example, the devices work with projections or holographic or reflecting optics. Other techniques are polarized optics and diffractive optics. The primary goal of data glasses is to provide the user with additional information related to their entire field of vision.

What Advantages Do Data Glasses Offer Specifically For Companies Within The Industry?

Companies can use data glasses in various ways to their advantage. Above all, everyday work processes can be significantly simplified with the help of smart glasses. One example here is maintenance work on complex machines. For example, supporting information such as dismantling instructions can be shown on the displays during the career. Another area of ​​application is large warehouses. Here the data glasses can be used for navigation. In this way, even new workers can quickly and effectively find their way around the rows of shelves. Overall, this type of support leads to enormous time savings, which increases the company’s general productivity.

For Which Areas And Industries Are The Data Glasses Exciting?

As the last example shows, data glasses have enormous potential, especially logistics. Warehouse management can be drastically optimized with the help of portable mini-computers in the shape of glasses. This property makes the data glasses particularly interesting for logistics service providers such as transport companies. In particular, navigation supported by optical sensors and the simultaneous acquisition of data can revolutionize operational processes here. Not only can the glasses avoid unnecessary walking, but the training of employees is also much easier with the help of modern data glasses.

What Changes Will Data Glasses Bring About In The Future?

Since data glasses are generally still a very young technology, current application examples are only a foretaste of possible future uses. So it is quite conceivable that AR glasses will be part of the standard equipment of fitters, artisans, and other workers in the future. Architects and engineers also have glasses such as Microsoft HoloLens or Epson Moverio with great potential. For example, smart glasses can virtually check how well a planned construction project fits into the natural environment. In the tourism industry, more and more companies are also discovering data glasses for themselves. So it would not be a surprise if smart glasses could replace traditional travel guides in the future. Another area of ​​application is research and product development in companies.

Conclusion: Finally, What Is There To Say About Data Glasses?

As has been shown, many processes in companies can already be significantly optimized with the help of data glasses. Since the relevance of data glasses in the economy will increase sharply in the future, companies should deal with the possibilities of the new technology early.

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