Best TVs And Portable Screen – Check The Guide

Best TVs And Portable Screen – Check The Guide

Best TVs And Portable Screen : The coronavirus pandemic that kept us at home longer than ever made us somewhat enjoyable. We get used to always having the TV nearby, to be informed or to work ‘our way’. That is why now we could not go a few days outside without taking a good look at the portable screens available on the market. And we did not take the Lenovo Smart Display 10 out of pure miracle!

Whether it’s watching our favorite series on an external monitor larger than our smartphone, to enjoy our favorite video game console on a portable TV or to enjoy teleworking from the beach without leaving our eyes thanks to an external screen for a laptop , knowing how the offer is will be phenomenal. Especially considering that thanks to e-commerce like Amazon we can have them at home from one day to the next. Just in time for that trip we are looking forward to so much!

Portable TV So You Don’t Run Out Of TV

If you want to have a portable TV for camping, to watch football matches on the beach or to entertain children in the car, here are two great options.

August DA100D

It is not the largest portable TV with DTT on the market, and it may not be the most robust, but the truth is that this August DA100D will get us out of more than one hurry with a quality / price ratio very much to take into account.

This 10-inch portable TV offers us HD quality, it can connect to any device thanks to its mini HDMI cable and, if we acquire its MR270 accessory, we can even connect wireless cases, or make the audio heard on the car speakers!

In addition, it has its own antenna, so you will not have any problem when watching the channels offered by DTT. What if there is no way because you have decided to get lost in a paradise without any connection? Without a problem, you can see any type of signal coming from a laptop!

  • We have found it on Amazon for just over $120, although surely if you know how to wait you take it out even more cheaply.

Tv with DTT DVB-T/T2

If what you are looking for are somewhat cheaper portable LED screens, this may be just the one you are needing. It has a size of 11.6 inches, although the fact that its screen is only 7 (the rest is frame) makes its price lower than that of the August model.

Like this one, it has its own antenna to be able to tune the DTT channels. It also has rechargeable batteries, so we can use it for several hours without having to plug it into the mains.

The problem? Although it has a USB connection, it does not have integrated HDMI and does not offer us HD quality. The truth, for the around $20 more that the model mentioned above can cost us, we did not think about it.

  • This portable TV with DVB DTT is available on Amazon for just over $100, although you will find better options in this post!

The Best External Monitors To Work With

Telecommuting brought with it amenities that we had never had in the office, such as gaming chairs (although not all of them fit well to desks, beware of the type of arms). However, there were other ‘extras’ that we did decide to afford precisely because in the office we found them very comfortable, and working on a double screen was one of them. That’s why we’ve looked for the best external monitors for your computers, no more having to be changing windows every three seconds!

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Lenovo Q24i-10

No matter what type of monitor you use as the first option, this Lenovo 23.8-inch Full HD resolution is a real wonder. In fact, unless you work with a 27″ iMac, it may become your first choice.

A spectacular viewing quality, barely existing edges and eye comfort technology that prevents eye strain.

The truth is that being able to count on such a resource is a real wonder. As we say, this toy will most likely become your main monitor in the blink of an eye, especially when you know how much it costs!

  • This Lenovo Q24i-10 is available on Amazon with its metallic base for just over 180 dollars, a real bargain that you can surely find even cheaper in discount periods!

Philips 243V7QDSB

And if the Lenovo model has seemed fantastic to you but you do not want to spend so much … what does it tell us about this barbarity of Philips of 24 inches and also with Full HD resolution? Its panel is also IPS and its frames are practically as small as those of the aforementioned model.

It has an enviable response time, of only 5ms, and its manufacturer assures that it is “perfect for work”. And if it is so similar to the Lenovo model … why do we recommend it? Well, because it is at an incredible price!

  • We’ve located the Philips 243V7QDSB on Amazon for just over $ 120, and with free shipping for Prime subscribers!

External Displays For Laptops

If what we are looking for is an external screen for laptop that can be transported with the same ease as our computer, the line of portable external monitors of Asus is absolutely wonderful. Any of them will give you a good service at an incomparable price, although for this comparison we have decided to stay with one of the most economical. If you want better features, you will only have to pay something more.


An external screen of 15.6 inches, with IPS panel and Full HD resolution, extra-thin and with USB 3.0 for less than $200? You’re not dreaming, it’s ASUS!

It boasts of being the thinnest USB monitor on the market. And not only that, but to have a dedicated processor that frees our computer of resources. Not only will it not be a burden for our team, but it will help us tremendously whether we use it to work or prefer it to play.

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