How Many Text Messages Can Be Sent At The Same Time?

How Many Text Messages Can Be Sent At The Same Time?

In the digital age, where everything is immediate, it is important to use the right communication tools to talk to your customers promptly. SMS is one of the most valid options, but it was born before the advent of digital. So the natural question is, how many text messages can be sent simultaneously to reach everyone immediately? In this post, we will answer this question and explain how mass SMS can be sent.

How Many Text Messages Can Be Sent At The Same Time?

The short and simple answer is that there is no limit to how many text messages you can send simultaneously. Rather it is important to pay attention to how many concatenated SMS are sent to the same recipient. This is because the more concatenated SMS you send, the more the costs will increase. One of our tips is always to send your customers clear, direct SMS messages that go straight to the point. If the 160 characters are not enough, you can use a  landing page to add all the extra information.

How To Send SMS Simultaneously

There are several ways to send SMS to multiple recipients simultaneously. Using a platform specialized in sending SMS, like Trendoo, will help to manage all sendings quickly and easily.

Multiple SMS

Sending multiple SMS  means sending the same message to your recipients at a given time. This SMS campaign is often used to promote a new product line or offer a special discount ahead of sales. In other words, for SMS marketing activities. The disadvantage of sending multiple text messages that are all the same is that the recipients will receive an impersonal message. Therefore, to improve this type of SMS campaign,  even if the SMS text remains the same for everyone, adding the recipient’s first name is possible thanks to the dynamic fields. This personalization of SMS will make them unique and personal.

How To Create A Group For Sending An SMS?

Group Messaging on Android

  1. Step 1: You will start by creating a default group to send messages to. …
  2. Step 2: Now, at the top of the screen, click on the Groups icon. …
  3. Step 3: Write a group name and try to remember this name for later use, and then hit on the Save icon, and you’re done!

SMS To Groups

Segmenting your address book into different groups to send personalized communications is based on the principle of the three Gs. This concept is based on finding the right recipients to whom to send a message specifically designed for them at the moment that suits them best. So unlike multiple messages where the text is the same for everyone when sending SMS to groups, you start by building a specific group of recipients based on certain characteristics. 

Then, once the group is built, you write an interesting message to them. For example, if the group I’ve created comprises my female customers, I’ll offer a discount on the new women’s product line. This type of strategy, even if more expensive in terms of time, is very effective, both from a marketing and commercial point of view.

Why Can’t I Send An SMS?

– If you have an Android or Windows phone, follow the path: Messages > SMS settings > Message center/Service center number. Check that the outgoing SMS block service is not active. To deactivate it, type #330*PASSWORD# and press enter; if you have not changed the password, it is 1234.

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