Microsoft Releases A “Portable” Antivirus: Safety Scanner

Microsoft Releases A “Portable” Antivirus: Safety Scanner

If you are looking for a portable antivirus that does not require any installation and is immediately usable, you can try the one provided by Microsoft. It is not advertised but allows you to perform quick and deep scans of any Windows system. Did you know that Microsoft makes a portable antivirus available for free on its website that can be used on any version of Windows without the need for installation? The application is called Safety Scanner. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and comes in the form of an executable file, which can be downloaded in 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

Portable Antivirus: Safety Scanner Is Valid For 10 Days And Then Has To Be Downloaded Again

Of course, the tool shouldn’t be considered a substitute for a more comprehensive anti-malware solution since, among other things, it doesn’t include important core features like real-time scanning and behavioral analysis. Safety Scanner can be considered a tool to keep available to get immediate feedback, “a second opinion” when you have doubts about the system’s behavior, and the absence of reports from other security software.

The “life” of the Wellbeing Scanner endures 10 days, after which the application can not be utilized. The purpose of this decision is extremely straightforward. Upon download, Security Scanner incorporates the most distinctive infection marks. Assume you utilize the program past the 10 days suggested by Microsoft. You risk not getting the most recent antivirus definitions: assuming you do as such, the convenient antivirus can not perceive the most recent dangers.

Wellbeing Scanner coordinates no programmed update component: it’s an unquestionable necessity to be re-downloaded from the authority site within 10 days. The benefit, in any case, is the chance of having a prepared-to-utilize compact antivirus embedded into a USB stick or sent off through a “live” establishment of Windows. Consider Windows PE-based boot media or introducing Windows to USB with Windows To Go.

How To Use Microsoft Safety Scanner

To use Safety Scanner, download the executable from the Microsoft page indicated above and then double-click on the MSERT.exe. The application, which requires an administrator account to work, is based on the well-known Malware Removal Tool  (or “Malicious Software Removal Tool “in English), refreshed something like once a month related to the fixed day Microsoft. This utility can be sent off from Windows by composing Martin the hunt box or squeezing Windows+R. Compared to the Malicious Software Removal Tool, which relies on a very small threat archive, Safety Scanner integrates a complete antivirus signature database.

Once Safety Scanner is launched, the user can request a quick scan of the system, a full scan, or a custom-type investigation. The  Quick scan mode scans the areas of Windows where malware and other unwanted software components typically lurk. Quick Scan is recommended in the vast majority of situations. In case of positivity can be investigated with a complete scan of the system ( Full Scan). By choosing the Customized Scan option, it is possible to examine only the contents of a specific folder indicated by the user. This is a custom scan mode.

Start A Malware Scan From The Command Prompt With Safety Scanner

Microsoft software also supports command-line use. Type cmd in the Windows search box, select Run as director, then explore the envelope containing the executable MSERT.exe. Right now, the accompanying order begins a fast sweep without showing any component of the Security Scanner interface: insert /q.

With the command insert/f /quit it is possible to start a complete scan of the system, while with the automatic disinfection msert /f:y /q can be requested. The only reference to the Safety Scanner running on the system is the appearance of the process in the DetailsMSERT.exe tab of the Windows Task Manager, which can be quickly recalled by pressing.CTRL+MAIUSC+ESC.

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