How To Create CV And Logo With Canva

How To Create CV And Logo With Canva

Having a personal logo is an indispensable step for any company. Whether it’s a fashion brand, a drink, a publishing house, or a self-employed professional, all business activities must have a recognizable logo. The logo is like a business card. 

It allows those unfamiliar with the company to immediately identify it with an image, which very often has a more significant impact than the simple name of the brand. Let’s think, for example, of the evocative capacity of Nike’s famous mustache-shaped logo. Canva allows you to create a custom logo effortlessly, either starting from scratch or using one of the many models on the platform. 

Whether you’re looking for a logo for a dental practice, school, restaurant, or teacher, Canva has graphics for every industry and profession. If you do not want to use a pre-set template but prefer to create your logo from scratch, you will have to choose an empty logo graphic and insert all the elements chosen during the design phase. After selecting the template or clicking on the blank page, you can insert elements, photos, and images or modify those already included in the project. 

With Canva, the user can give free rein to creativity and change the font, color, and size of a text. If the logo consists only of an image, thanks to the tools made available by the application, you can change the colors or insert a new image. To give your logo a personal touch, you can upload an image or photo explicitly created for your project to Canva. Once on the platform, use the drag & drop function to drag the image onto the page. The images can be inserted in round, square, or geometric shape frames to have a cleaner finished product.

How To Create A CV With Canva Templates

Often giving a recruiter an impressive resume can make a difference. Using Canva allows you to create personalized, impactful Curriculum Vitae that can immediately convey skills and attitudes. It must be borne in mind that many CVs pass through the hands of a Human Resources expert.

It is often difficult to distinguish faces and experiences from documents that, at first glance, all look the same. The starting point for creating a CV on Canva is to start your project keeping in mind your profession and the job you are applying for. Before starting with customizations, users can search the platform for the model that best reflects their personality and the role they want to apply for. 

You can choose from hundreds of templates ranging from the doctor’s curriculum vitae to that of the lawyer, without forgetting the most creative professions such as copywriters, designers, or actors. The scope is also essential: a fashion journalist can opt for a different graphic than a tech journalist. 

Once you have chosen the model you prefer, you can move on to customization. Canva allows you to change any element, including text, size, and font. Many models have tables or charts to showcase your skills more creatively. Users can change their size, color, and even the displayed data. 

By accessing the Canva editor, you have access to all the frames and borders, but pay attention to the result: it must always be professional. If you want to complete your Curriculum Vitae at another time, there will be no problem. Canva allows users to access the platform from any device. Just log in. 

The project is available on the application and by accessing the Internet site from a browser. Once you have completed the changes to your project, you can download it for free or print it through the services offered by Canva.

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